Sovereign - damp proofing

Sovereign approved damp proofing services and damp proof surveys

We are Sovereign approved contractors and as such we are well versed in dealing with problems arising from dampness, especially in older houses.

We regularly investigate problems where treatments, or other works, have been carried out in the past and the problem remains unresolved. And we offer damp proof surveys for house purchasers (see details below). Commonly, we also get involved when buildings are in a very poor condition and consideration is being given to refurbishment.

We can provide damp proofing services using approved Sovereign products, which are safe and effective, and we can offer professional advice and treatments for timber too.

Damp proof surveys

If you are looking to buy a house we can provide a basic or detailed inspection with a full written report and recommendations for any specialist treatments required.

If there is a damp or timber problem in the home you are purchasing, the Building Society Surveyor will report and then request a Specialist Report. Please contact us by telephone or email to arrange an inspection visit and send our findings to whoever instructs us (the purchaser, the vendor or the agents).


  • Low House, residential conversion

    A project to convert two historic cottages into one luxury residence, while maintaining their character and charm, was always going to be a challenge. The addition of a sun room with panoramic views and a large detached garage added to the project’s complexity. However the end result is a home with 21st century luxury, coupled with all the features of a Lakeland Cottage. Well done T.H.I Ltd!
    Roddy Gale, owner Low House